Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Studying For Medical.

The two years before you start you Under Graduate studies are the most important years of your career setting.

In these years you make a way for yourselves to get into the best Medical College.

For 2 years leave all your extra activities and focus on studies because once you get into medical college you will come out as a doctor. Cutting off from extra activities doesn't mean that you sit at home even on Sundays and study. But Just cut out the unnecessary activities.

Also some of you might come from a different system for these studies and that is difficult for you ( believe me it was for me too) but finding the right person for guidance is necessary.

LOVE : Zainab 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Planning for Medical.

The most difficult yet important thing in a students life when he or she had to decide what to do..
Some people chose this field because their parents want them to..

Advice for Life : Please choose what you like . Take time don't be to quick about it .. This makes your future.

Write to you soon.
Zainab Saeed.